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We travel through the Black Forest region from Triberg to Donaueschingen..........


DONAUESCHINGEN is first recorded as Esginga in 889; the modern form of the name is first certified in 1292.

In 1283, Rudolph von Habsburg granted the principality of Baar and Donaueschingen to Heinrich von Fürstenberg. The right to brew beer was also connected with this grant. This is the source of the Royal Fürstenberg Brewery.

In 1488, possession was passed to the Count of Fürstenberg-Baar. From the 18th Century it was the residence of the Princes of Fü;rstenberg.

In 1806, Donaueschingen came under the rule of the Grand Duchy of Baden and was granted township in 1810. A large part of the town was destroyed by fire in 1908.

Donaueschingen has a tradition as a military garrison; since World War II the French military has maintained barracks in the town, and, until the early 1990s, the U.S. Air Force operated a contingency hospital there. Fortunately the hospital never received casualties on a large scale from military operations; it saw the most activity in 1989, when the United States offered the facility as temporary housing for refugees leaving from East Germany to the West.

Though the Princes of Fürstenberg were nominally deposed as absolute rulers of the principality, they still own huge property in their former lands, including their palace with the surrounding parks and gardens. The Schlosspark (Palace Gardens) shown in the title picture above used to be public and from 1806 the only park accessible to the citizens of the town. It recently became off-limits again.

The Princes of Fürstenberg were also the owners of an important manuscript of the Nibelungenlied until they sold it in 2001. The ancestral brewery has also been sold.



To the west of the Schloss in Donaueschingen stands the Stadtkirche of St John built between 1727 and 1747 in Bohemian Baroque style and designed by the Prague architect M. Kanka.



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