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"Kork isn't really a tourist destination, and it's among Germany's less visited places. Travelers passing through the area most often stick to more well-known destinations such as Rust, Baden-Baden, and Heidelberg."
Kork Travel Guide.

A review of the Hotel Ochsen (shown on the left of the picture on the right) from a guest writing on the hotel comments page which also reflects the experience of author of this website :

"Stayed for four nights on a Black Forest and Alsace holiday. Arrived at 11:15 pm after an 8 hour drive from Calais, luckily in a very comfortable coach.

"We were warned rooms were small but it is a very old hotel. If you can accept an average cabin on a cruise, then you should be OK with the small rooms. The beds were very comfortable though I really don't get those German pillows!

"All the staff were friendly, the drinks reasonably priced and breakfast was a continental but plentiful buffet.

"The evening meals were a different matter. We had three meals - soup each day, then, day 2 pork , ice cream sweet, day 3 turkey schnitzel with instant whip sweet, day 4 ,chicken with arctic roll and yes, ice cream again, and no choice.
Yes, the food was tasty and well cooked but if you have a menu without choices, you do expect a bit more variety than pork, poultry followed by poultry!
Also when asked for our drinks order with dinner we requested a jug of water and told we could not have water, and after-dinner coffee was one euro.

"The village of Kork is very pretty, and the trips to Black Forest, Alsace Villages and Strasbourg were brilliant, and it is a very convenient base to explore this beautiful area of Germany/France."


We take a walk through this attractive small town........


Kork Town Hall (left)........


The stork is the emblem of Alsace and one will find a large stork's nest resting on top a chimney or steeple in most of these charming towns as well as in the neighbouring towns in Germany on the opposite bank of the Rhine. Some of these nests weigh as much as 500 pounds, and are each summer the home to several large stork eggs.

Twenty five years ago the population of this "iconic emblem of Alsace", the bird revered for bringing fertility and luck to any home upon which it nested, had fallen to fewer than nine pairs in the entire upper Rhine River Valley, an area closely identified with the White Stork for centuries.

Conservation efforts there, particularly by the Association for the Protection and Reintroduction of Storks in Alsace and Lorraine, have successfully increased the population of birds to 270 pairs.


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